Sustainable From The Beginning

The idea is simple, however sustainability is not the easiest of paths for products; the increased regulations, the additional testing and research and the added agencies involved in the certification process makes it a more difficult process, but we believe it is the right path and we’ve been doing it well before “sustainability” was a buzz word.

It’s not a popularity contest, nor a sales pitch; sustainability is real and we’re proud of our history, but we’re also well prepared as we look towards the future.

Protecting Our Natural Resources

In an ever-growing, resource-driven society, sustainability is increasingly important in maintaining our standard of living. Traditional chemical cleaning products pollute our waterways and air and contaminate our soil.

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Doing Our Part

Our mission is to provide cleaning solutions utilizing reduced-risk chemistries that do not negatively impact the health and safety of people and the environment. SaniDate products are EPA-registered and leave no harmful residues.

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Healthy Living

Living a healthy lifestyle extends beyond just diet and exercise. The cleaning products we choose can have great consequences for our health, and the health of those around us.

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Health Risks of Traditional Cleaners & Sanitizers

Certain cleaners, sanitizers, and disinfectants such as bleach and ammonia can lead to serious health issues. Beyond their direct impact on an individual’s health, they also have an indirect impact due to their capacity to damage the environment.

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Why SaniDate is Different

SaniDate products leave no residue and decompose into oxygen and water. They have been specifically developed to be as effective as traditional cleaners, sanitizers and disinfectants while also being sustainable and non-hazardous for all who share our planet’s fragile environment and resources.

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